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An Interview On The Anti-Sec Movement

I decided that a lot of the mystery behind the Anti-sec movement should be dispelled by a follower of the Anti-sec movement and so HackTalk has the inside info on the Anti-sec movement straight from the horses mouth.

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Antisec and Me

After I published my article on antisec and what antisec is, and imageshack became image(s)hack, I’ve been flooded with emails and tweets about just why antisec hacked imageshack and about my affiliations with the antisec movement. I hope this article can clear up a few things.

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Malware Behavioral Analysis

While hanging out on one of my usual IRC networks I got to talking to this guy and found out he did Malware Behavioral Analysis so after some talking he hooked me up with a few links to help any aspiring Malware Analysts.

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So What is Anti-Sec?

After Astalavista was taken down by the “anti-sec group” many people are wondering just what anti-sec is. I hope that this article will enlighten anyone who reads it on the ideals, concepts, and fundamentals of anti-sec.

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Looking to Learn a Programming Language? The Search is Over!

Many times I find myself looking for tutorials to learn a particular programming language and end up frustrated when I can only find a few. Thanks to a recent site I found, all that frustration is gone and nothing put pure programming bliss replaces it.

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Turn Your Old Laptop into a Powerful Linux Workhorse

“This solution (often called the server/thin client model) has several advantages. The obvious one is, of course, that you can give your old laptop a new lease of life without spending money on memory or hard disk upgrades. Moreover, since all your documents and files are stored on your desktop computer, you don’t have to worry about keeping your data on different machines in sync.

“To accomplish the magical transformation of your laptop into a powerful workhorse, you need to do two things: you have to install and configure a VNC server on your desktop computer, and set up a VNC client on your laptop. VNC is a system that allows you to control a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. And if you run the VNC client in full screen on your laptop, it’s almost impossible to tell that you are controlling a remote machine. VNC is not the fastest system of its kind, but it is very easy to configure and straightforward in use. And if you run it on your home network, it is fast enough for most tasks.”

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Turn Your Old Laptop into a Powerful Linux Workhorse