Hello world!

This may be my most boring post here on the HackTalk blog because it is my “Hello World!” post.

Here at HackTalk (HT from now on because I’m lazy) we will be focusing on a lot of different aspects of “hacker” culture. Although there will be some posts pertaining to internet security and the like there will also be posts about programming, homebrew, hardware/software reviews, and plenty of other things.

I hope to get my own domain soon but I will wait off until we get a few more regular HackTalkers before investing in my own domain.

Well because this is my “Hello World!” post and I’m in the process of learning Ruby I guess I’ll use some Ruby code to print out Hello World if you were to actually compile it.

#Comment to fill up what would be a few lines
#of code...
puts "Hello HackTalkers!"
puts "Cya next time,"
puts "Luis"

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