Top 7 reasons people quit Linux? Guess Not…

Well as you guys will come to know I’m an avid reader of the ZDNet blog and also an avid Linux advocate so when I read a recent blogpost talking about a certain Mr.Keir Thomas bashing on Windows users for reasons that are highly trivial I had to make this blogpost to show that not all Linux users jump at the chance to pick on non *nix users..

As quoted from Andrew J. Nusca’s blogpost on ZDNet this is a summary of what Thomas wrote as the most common questions he gets in his own words:

1. Linux doesn’t run a program I use

2. I installed Linux, but some element of my hardware didn’t work

3. I tried Linux, but I had to type commands

4. I did *this*, and *this* happened. That doesn’t happen with  Windows

5. I posted a message on a forum, but Linux people were mean to me

6. I just don’t like it

7. I installed Linux and things went honey-nut-loops crazy

Mr.Thomas seems to just want to attack people asking these questions as he answers to number 1 with, “… Most people neither know nor care what Dreamweaver is…”, number 2 with, “… You might have to do some hard work, and step into unfamiliar territory…” and number 3 with, “… OMG!!! Really? But seriously. So what? Are you scared of the keyboard?…” I’ve decided to work as almost a Public Relations kinda guy for Linux users and post this.
Now I don’t know about you but numbers 1,3,4,5, and 6 are just a bunch of hogwash to me which really only leaves numbers 2 and 7 as legitimate reasons to be turned off to Linux in a quick glance but let us analyze these reasons and see if we can’t fix that.

The reason I dismiss question number 1 is the fact that most programs you run on windows have either been ported over to linux, have opensource alternatives, or can be run using WINE. I dismiss question 3 simply because issuing commands is a given in any Operating System, Windows users have just lost touch with this phenomenon since MS-DOS has just sort of faded away into the memory of only the more tech-savvy of us. I dismiss question 4 simply because every OS does different things. That’s like if you give a class of students an open-ended essay question and expect to get back the same essay from each student; it just isn’t going to happen. Number 5 really shouldn’t even be there in the first place, yes you asked help on a forum and were flamed, I’m sure the same thing happens on countless Windows forums too. Sometimes people just have bad days and don’t want to deal with the “noobs” at that moment. Also, did you search the forum first for your question; if not, this could have upset people who are constantly telling people to read “XYZ Thread” for all the information they need pertaining to “ABC”. Number 6 isn’t even a real question or much of a complete thought; you don’t like it? Why? Is it the GUI? The installation process? Is it too difficult for you? What is difficult about it?

Question #2:

I installed Linux, but some element of my hardware didn’t work”

While I understand that at times we run into battles between Linux and Hardware, most, if not all of these problems can be fixed simply by visiting the drivers page for the manufacturer of the hardware to get a driver for us Linux guys/gals. The problem seems to be that even though Linux is starting to come into the limelight a lot of manufacturers don’t have native support for Linux distros but have the drivers on the website just in case. Another reason why this question accurately represents that Mr. Thomas is just attacking the people with these questions is the fact that he neglected to talk about the fact that many third-parties release drivers for almost every bit of hardware imaginable if the manufacturer was careless and forgot about us Linux users.

Question #7:

“I installed Linux and things went honey-nut-loops crazy”

I’ll be the first to admit that this has happened to me on a number of occations but usually it was caused by an ISO not properly burned onto CD/DVD or a scratched LiveCD. When trying to install a whole OS a single file missing could be catestrophic. The fix is actually quite simple, burn your ISO file onto your CD/DVD at the slowest speed possible to insure a good copy, and make sure to keep your LiveCDs clean and in their own cases for prosperity.


In the end, the whole article was written from a highly biased point of view with, what seems like, little to no help done on the part of the author to bring people back to Linux. I’d like to direct you to a blogpost I recently read that made me laugh but was at the same time quite factual. Top 10 reasons Linux pwns your OS

So now I ask you HackTalkers, what are your reasons for running Linux?


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  1. The reason I run Linux is because of all of the wonderful things it gives, like the power of the shell, and the GNU utils. Also, there are tons of wonderful open source projects out there. Since I began using GNU/Linux, I would have to say that I have learned more about computers and their workings than I ever would have with Windows. M$ takes all of the fun out of computing.

    Also, if you are a real GUI type of person, there’s always the plethora of Desktop Environments, and alternative window managers. Compiz also adds many cool effects.

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