Wednesday Website

I decided I was going to start a weekly segment where I post a website every Wednesday that I feel is worth mentioning. They won’t always be tech/hacking related but sometimes they will be I suppose.

This Weeks Wednesday Website is…..

The Quotebucket Database

From the owner of the site,

Welcome to QuoteBucket!
“Where the quotes, are yours!”
QuoteBucket hosts a collection of quotes from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks around the globe, We also have quotes from MSN, AIM, ICQ, MySpace IM; and others. Feel free to have a look around!

You can rate quotes that you simply love by clicking on the ‘+’ link next to the quotes,
Or for the quotes you dislike you can simply click on the ‘-‘ link.

You are free to add any amount of quotes you wish; Unlike– once you have added some they will be reviewed within 24 hours, If accepted they will be shown on our quote database for public viewing.
(Note: that we hardly ever deny quotes, aslong as they have timestamps removed. You can now remove timestamps with one click, simply by clicking the “Remove timestamps” button on the Add Quote page.

If you have an eggdrop then feel free to load the QdbS tcl (This tcl can be found here, which is preconfigured for our quote database; Thanks to the developer (Jobe) at

That’s it for this week, come back next week for another Wednesday Website!


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