So why did HP choose SuSE for its ProBooks?

After writing “ HP’s new ProBook Laptop with SuSE “ I decided to email HP and find out just why they chose SuSE as their optional OS choice and what I found out was that HP had a well planned out reason for choosing SuSE.

Included below is the reasoning I got from my email discussion with Shab Madina, Worldwide Product Manager, Strategic Marketing for Business Notebooks at HP

With regards to HP ProBooks with Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) will be available for purchase on HP ProBooks on May 18.  It has better interoperability with a Windows infrastructure, which is why HP chose it. E.g. SUSE Linux supports Domain Join natively, allowing it to connect to Microsoft Networks and offers Novell Open Office , which is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. HP sees these capabilities as being a requirement for business customers.

So it seems that HP is staying true to the ProBooks being business oriented by using SuSE as a secondary OS option. If you guys have any other questions for Mr. Madina post a comment and I will email him again with your questions.



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