I Got My iPrint Business Cards

Well a couple of weeks ago I posted about how Google was partering with iPrint and offering free business cards for a limited time. Well I jumped on the opportunity (I hope you did too) and ordered some for HackTalk. They just came in the mail and I am very happy.

I’ve been waiting by the mail everyday waiting for my business cards (they were free so I couldn’t be picky) and just when I thought I’d email iPrint to tell them I think my order got lost in the mail, I see it there, HackTalk and iPrint on the same piece of mail; I almost went crazy from the happiness.

iPrint is a very high quality printing company and I’m very satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend iPrint if you ever want some high quality, professional business cards for yourself, your company, or whatever you may want them for.

Below are pics I took of the cards.


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