A Flock of Browsers

Well I must say that I am impressed that I actually found something I like in an Ad. While I was checking out a link posted on an IRC channel I hang out on that led me to http://browsershots.org I noticed a little Ad near the bottom of the page, something talking about Flock Web Browser. I took a chance and I’m glad I did.

What is Flock?

Flock is a browser. The people here at Flock are committed to
building a browser unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before;
because we start by focusing on user needs. We take pride in solving
for common behaviors on the Web that seem clunky today, and will seem
ridiculous tomorrow. We’re taking you there.

We’re focused on keeping you close and better connected to the

people, places and things you love, more informed about the topics that
turn you on, and smiling about the way it all comes together. We love
nothing more than hearing from users who didn’t know they were
experiencing ‘conventional browser fatigue’ until they’ve downloaded
Flock..and voila. Their lives get that much better.

We’re big fans of the many interesting and innovative sites and

services that continue to emerge to keep our online lives interesting.
We also share a common vision that your browser should do much more
than just get you to where you want to go. It should make sure you
don’t miss out on things that are important to you and help you break
down any barrier to easily share, publish, discover and communicate, so
that you can enjoy the web to the fullest extent possible.

If you’re not sold yet, download Flock and get ready to meet your new favorite browser.

I think demogirl summarized it best as a “Social Network Browser”

Right now I’m typing up this blogpost with Flock’s built in Blog Editor.

I’m a guy who LOVES plugins, add-on’s and extensions (a major reason I don’t use Chrome) and while I’ve only seen a few plugin’s and such for Flock but to be honest, it’s got so many built in plugins coupled with a few widgets for your “My World” page that it really doesn’t need much else at this point in time, especially since this is just Flock 2.5.

In the same way I decide whether one tool will make another obsolete on my personal box, I’ll be giving Flock 2.5 one week to prove to me that it is better than Firefox, otherwise it’s going straight to /dev/null.

Here’s a vid by demogirl illustrating some features of Flock.

Here’s Hoping,

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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