(Should Be) DIY Free Laptop Stand

I love my Eee PC to death but the one downside is that it has intake fans on the bottom of the computer and a single out blowing fan on the left hand side that is a little taller than a business card. Recently I installed Conky so that I could monitor my specs and such and noticed that I had a temperature of 62C(Around 158F) which was just a bit too high. I started looking around the internet in search for a cheap laptop stand to buy or DIY. Just as I was about to shell out on some plexiglass I noticed something on Instructables that was a (for most people) free laptop stand made out of a humble clothes hanger.

Before continuing further into this post I will tell you that there is a major drawback to this stand and that is the fact that you will not be able to use your keyboard or touchpad and thus you will need external versions of these things. If you are like me and think you are hax0r leet and keep your desktop and laptop/netbook in close proximity for whatever reason you can avoid this by simply using Synergy. Ok, enough of that.

I’ll be the first person to admit that if I can find a free way to do something I’m all for it so when I learned I could make a laptop stand from a clothes hanger I jumped for joy. tullytully over at Instructable made an ible describing how to do this and I must say that I am impressed at the ingenuity. Visit the ible for full instructions on how to make this laptop stand.

If you are like me and have your laptop close to your desktop please consider using Synergy to use your desktop’s mouse and keyboard for both computers. It’s open-source and damn easy to set up

Here’s how my laptop is looking (only took a pic of the bottom to give you a general idea of what to aim for.

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