Flock or Flop?

About a week ago I started using Flock as a test run for a possible client to replace Firefox. After a week of using it here is my honest opinion on the Flock 2.5 browser.


  • Social Networking sites functionality and integration
  • Based on Firefox
  • Live Email updates
  • Built-in Blog editor
  • Built-in “Web Clipboard”
  • Media Bar
  • Built-in Photo uploader
  • Hotkeys for almost every part of the browser
  • Capable of using Firefox Add-ons


  • Yahoo! search as default url search
  • Blog poster does not have very useful features for wordpress blogs
  • Firefox doesn’t have web clipboard,or media browser.

There are other pros and cons but I wanted to list the ones that really got my attention.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that I really like this browser. It combines a lot of the tools I love in one easy to use package and it’s asthetically a nice looking browser. The fact that I can use add-ons and such that I loved from firefox is another plus because I’m a man who loves his add-ons. After a bit over a week I’m glad to say that I’ll be using flock as my default browser from now on but I’ll alway have a sweet spot for firefox.

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