Looking to Learn a Programming Language? The Search is Over!

Many times I find myself looking for tutorials to learn a particular programming language and end up frustrated when I can only find a few. Thanks to a recent site I found, all that frustration is gone and nothing put pure programming bliss replaces it.

Free Programming Resources offers tutorials on all of the following languages:


Covering most(if not all) of the programming languages you could possibly have your eye on learning this website almost instantly becomes a goldmine of information.

In addition to having plenty of links to tutorials they also offer links to compilers, their own section for tutorials, a forum, source code, and much much more.

I could blog about how great this site is all day but I’ve got some tutorials I’ve got to dive on into :).

See Ya In Space Cowboy,



8 Responses

  1. Brilliant post! I have seen a few of these before and they are really helpful.

    Thank you!

  2. nice blog love it.

  3. visual basic forum

  4. Nice Blog really very helpful

  5. Thanks! This was exactly what I needed.

  6. Thanks, this has many resources to look at!

  7. Great list! Thanks!

  8. Awesome list with great sources! 😀
    This was really helpful! 🙂
    I’ve started doing some C++ and Assembler tutorials myself, they are not as good as these sources (if you read them through) but I’m trying to teach the essential, as well as doing that with a visual/video approach in combination with light text.
    Again, these are some really good links! 🙂
    keep up the good work!

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