Antisec and Me

After I published my article on antisec and what antisec is, and imageshack became image(s)hack, I’ve been flooded with emails and tweets about just why antisec hacked imageshack and about my affiliations with the antisec movement. I hope this article can clear up a few things.

First and foremost, while I do hang out with some people who are active  contributors to the antisec movement I myself am NOT part of the antisec movement although I do agree with some of their ideals, mostly the need for ZERO disclosure. I will not go off into some ginormous rant about antisec vs infosec because I honestly don’t think I can type that much to defend both sides.

I’ll address the major question I am being flooded with, “Why did “antisec” hack imageshack?” First and foremost, antisec is not a group, it is a movement so stop referring to hacks done that endorse antisec as “hacked by antisec” and instead think of them as “hacked FOR antisec.” The antisec is essentially chaotic in nature and reminds me a LOT of project mayhem from Fight Club. There are cells of groups everywhere all fighting for the same cause and are all essentially decentralized.

I don’t know why some hacking group hacked imageshack in the name of antisec, I honestly don’t. What I DO know is that it was a DAMN smart hack. Essentially they used an already mass established service and defaced it for their own benefits. It reminds me of the guy that would go arond defacing Mc Donalds signs so that people wouldn’t eat at Mc Donalds. In a sort of  “Cyber-Graffiti” the hacker (or group of hackers) was able to spread the word of antisec to the masses. Some people may convert and help the cause, some may fight harder against it, some may not care, but ALL will see. It’s essentially like big businesses using big websites to advertise. There is a steady userbase just waiting to be exploited.

Please people, stop flooding my email with the same question, read my tweets and I’m sure they’ll apply to your question; read this blogpost and realize that I am not endorsing antisec in any way and I don’t even contribute to the movement; read this blogpost and stop referring to the antisec movement as a fucking group already, it’s tired, and old.

If anyone wants to learn more about antisec so they can decide on their position about it I’d be happy to give them some links. If anyone would want a followup article on the  Antisec Movement I’m sure I could get some interviews with some of the contributors to antisec that I know but you’ll have to let me know through a comment on this blog, emailing me at or sending me a tweet at

See you in space cowboy.


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