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Looking to Learn a Programming Language? The Search is Over!

Many times I find myself looking for tutorials to learn a particular programming language and end up frustrated when I can only find a few. Thanks to a recent site I found, all that frustration is gone and nothing put pure programming bliss replaces it.

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The Art Of Assembly

Call me crazy but I think learning Assembly language (ASM) is quite the beneficial accomplishment that any programmer should be happy to have under his belt. Not only are programs that are coded in Assembly smaller, they also tend to lead to faster code. Now there are a lot of misconceptions about the Assembly languageĀ  which are constantly in the forefront which keep programmers at by from the “evil” programming language known as Assembly (ASM) but HackTalk (with the help of the amazing book The Art of Assembly) are here to put them to rest.

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Flock or Flop?

About a week ago I started using Flock as a test run for a possible client to replace Firefox. After a week of using it here is my honest opinion on the Flock 2.5 browser.

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(Should Be) DIY Free Laptop Stand

I love my Eee PC to death but the one downside is that it has intake fans on the bottom of the computer and a single out blowing fan on the left hand side that is a little taller than a business card. Recently I installed Conky so that I could monitor my specs and such and noticed that I had a temperature of 62C(Around 158F) which was just a bit too high. I started looking around the internet in search for a cheap laptop stand to buy or DIY. Just as I was about to shell out on some plexiglass I noticed something on Instructables that was a (for most people) free laptop stand made out of a humble clothes hanger.

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A Flock of Browsers

Well I must say that I am impressed that I actually found something I like in an Ad. While I was checking out a link posted on an IRC channel I hang out on that led me to http://browsershots.org I noticed a little Ad near the bottom of the page, something talking about Flock Web Browser. I took a chance and I’m glad I did.
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10 Free Linux Ebooks For Beginners

Due to the major success of the “Leaving The Nest” series and being told from countless people irl that they are now Linux users I thought this post would help out the newbies and maybe even some oldtime users that overlooked a few things.

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I Got My iPrint Business Cards

Well a couple of weeks ago I posted about how Google was partering with iPrint and offering free business cards for a limited time. Well I jumped on the opportunity (I hope you did too) and ordered some for HackTalk. They just came in the mail and I am very happy.

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