Flock or Flop?

About a week ago I started using Flock as a test run for a possible client to replace Firefox. After a week of using it here is my honest opinion on the Flock 2.5 browser.

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(Should Be) DIY Free Laptop Stand

I love my Eee PC to death but the one downside is that it has intake fans on the bottom of the computer and a single out blowing fan on the left hand side that is a little taller than a business card. Recently I installed Conky so that I could monitor my specs and such and noticed that I had a temperature of 62C(Around 158F) which was just a bit too high. I started looking around the internet in search for a cheap laptop stand to buy or DIY. Just as I was about to shell out on some plexiglass I noticed something on Instructables that was a (for most people) free laptop stand made out of a humble clothes hanger.

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Want An EEEpc 900? Better Hurry!

Woot is selling EEEpc 900’s for only $149.99 + $5 shipping which is a steal! I highly suggest that anyone with a twitter account follow @woot for daily updates.

A Flock of Browsers

Well I must say that I am impressed that I actually found something I like in an Ad. While I was checking out a link posted on an IRC channel I hang out on that led me to http://browsershots.org I noticed a little Ad near the bottom of the page, something talking about Flock Web Browser. I took a chance and I’m glad I did.
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So why did HP choose SuSE for its ProBooks?

After writing “ HP’s new ProBook Laptop with SuSE “ I decided to email HP and find out just why they chose SuSE as their optional OS choice and what I found out was that HP had a well planned out reason for choosing SuSE.
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HP’s new ProBook Laptop with SuSE

I feel ashamed that I missed out on this news when it first hit the wire since I am a HUGE HP fan but such is life. Apparently on April 28th HP announced its new series ProBook laptops which come in 14″, 15.6″, and 17.3″ screen sizes which are supposed to be stylish, business oriented and most importantly, lowcost.
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