Antisec and Me

After I published my article on antisec and what antisec is, and imageshack became image(s)hack, I’ve been flooded with emails and tweets about just why antisec hacked imageshack and about my affiliations with the antisec movement. I hope this article can clear up a few things.

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Malware Behavioral Analysis

While hanging out on one of my usual IRC networks I got to talking to this guy and found out he did Malware Behavioral Analysis so after some talking he hooked me up with a few links to help any aspiring Malware Analysts.

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An Easier Solution To Setting Up iptables

Anyone who has ever set up iptables knows how much of a pain it can be doing it from CLI. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE CLI but it’s a bit daunting (especially for beginners) to set up iptables without some sort of GUI.

Enter FirewallBuilder
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6 ways to protect your privacy on Google

I found this nice article on Computer World and decided I would share it with you. This post is copied as is from the website and if any of the boys over at Computer World want me to take it down I will gladly do so. So without further adieu here’s the article.

Concerned that Google knows too much about you? The company provides many ways to protect your privacy online — you just need to find them. Here are six good ones.
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