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A Public Apology

It’s obvious to see I haven’t posted here in a while and a lot of you have been asking me, “Luis dude, what’s up with the blog? You gave up on it?” The short answer is that because of some unforeseen circumstances my family and I had to just pack it all up and move on up to Clermont and haven’t had internet for a bit but now I’ve got a bit more of a stable connection and so I’ll be posting regularly again.

I’ve been writing up some whitepapers so expect to see those soon. Some topics that will be covered in the whitepapers are how using public proxies and tor are not a very reliable way to stay anonymous AND secure, good security policies for work environment, and other security type stuff. I’m also working on making this blog be a place where web admins can check out periodically and there will be the latest exploits posted here so that they can patch anything that might need to be patched.

Until Next Time,

Luis Santana
HackTalk Blog Admin

Rock Band Unplugged Review

This is one of the most exciting PSP games to come out this year. Harmonix has found a way to harness the Rock Band experience into a portable form without going the gimmicky route. For Rock Band Unplugged you don’t need any peripherals except for you’re inherent sense of rhythm. Rock Band Unplugged is the evolution of Harmonix’ Frequency and Amplitude.

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A Flock of Browsers

Well I must say that I am impressed that I actually found something I like in an Ad. While I was checking out a link posted on an IRC channel I hang out on that led me to http://browsershots.org I noticed a little Ad near the bottom of the page, something talking about Flock Web Browser. I took a chance and I’m glad I did.
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Hello world!

This may be my most boring post here on the HackTalk blog because it is my “Hello World!” post.

Here at HackTalk (HT from now on because I’m lazy) we will be focusing on a lot of different aspects of “hacker” culture. Although there will be some posts pertaining to internet security and the like there will also be posts about programming, homebrew, hardware/software reviews, and plenty of other things.

I hope to get my own domain soon but I will wait off until we get a few more regular HackTalkers before investing in my own domain.

Well because this is my “Hello World!” post and I’m in the process of learning Ruby I guess I’ll use some Ruby code to print out Hello World if you were to actually compile it.

#Comment to fill up what would be a few lines
#of code...
puts "Hello HackTalkers!"
puts "Cya next time,"
puts "Luis"