The Art Of Assembly

Call me crazy but I think learning Assembly language (ASM) is quite the beneficial accomplishment that any programmer should be happy to have under his belt. Not only are programs that are coded in Assembly smaller, they also tend to lead to faster code. Now there are a lot of misconceptions about the Assembly language  which are constantly in the forefront which keep programmers at by from the “evil” programming language known as Assembly (ASM) but HackTalk (with the help of the amazing book The Art of Assembly) are here to put them to rest.

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One Laptop Per Child

First and foremost let me explain that I can not believe that I went so long without knowing about this organization. The guys and girls over at have created the “XO”, a very durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, and most importantly, fun, laptop that is about the size of a text book but comes stock with built-in wireless and a specially designed screen which is readable even in direct sunlight. So how much does it cost to get your hands on one of these badboys? A modest price of $100 will cover the costs needed to get this laptop but your recipient will gain much more than a $100 laptop, they will gain the opportunity to experience something they would have never experienced before and quite possible would never have experienced in their life had you not paid for this laptop. That’s right, with a $100 donation you make the XO available to one under privileged child in a developing country!

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Flock or Flop?

About a week ago I started using Flock as a test run for a possible client to replace Firefox. After a week of using it here is my honest opinion on the Flock 2.5 browser.

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Financial Literacy for Children Spikes My “Tech Awareness”

Now I know that HT is a tech blog but today I had a drive to Tampa because Shardy was getting interviewed by this company I knew nothing about but I’m glad I met them.
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A Public Apology

It’s obvious to see I haven’t posted here in a while and a lot of you have been asking me, “Luis dude, what’s up with the blog? You gave up on it?” The short answer is that because of some unforeseen circumstances my family and I had to just pack it all up and move on up to Clermont and haven’t had internet for a bit but now I’ve got a bit more of a stable connection and so I’ll be posting regularly again.

I’ve been writing up some whitepapers so expect to see those soon. Some topics that will be covered in the whitepapers are how using public proxies and tor are not a very reliable way to stay anonymous AND secure, good security policies for work environment, and other security type stuff. I’m also working on making this blog be a place where web admins can check out periodically and there will be the latest exploits posted here so that they can patch anything that might need to be patched.

Until Next Time,

Luis Santana
HackTalk Blog Admin

Rock Band Unplugged Review

This is one of the most exciting PSP games to come out this year. Harmonix has found a way to harness the Rock Band experience into a portable form without going the gimmicky route. For Rock Band Unplugged you don’t need any peripherals except for you’re inherent sense of rhythm. Rock Band Unplugged is the evolution of Harmonix’ Frequency and Amplitude.

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Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too Seamless Virtualization

I wish I would have known about Seamless Virtualization sooner in my “Linux Career” as I’d be the biggest fanboy for Seamless Virtualization of all lol.

The other day (maybe about a week ago) I installed Virtualbox-OSE because I was going to start modding my own knoppix distro to imitate Back|Track and DamnVulnerableLinux but have it based on the very lightweight (and yet still Debian Based) Knoppix Distro. I won’t go off into a big rant about it but I’m pretty mad that BT4 is based on Ubuntu even though I’m a faithful *buntu user.

Anyway on to Seamless Virtualization which I think is best described as having your cake and eating it too. If you’ve ever wanted (or needed) to be a Linux user but didn’t want to give up photoshop or some other application that didn’t play nicely with WINE this article is for you!

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