An Interview On The Anti-Sec Movement

I decided that a lot of the mystery behind the Anti-sec movement should be dispelled by a follower of the Anti-sec movement and so HackTalk has the inside info on the Anti-sec movement straight from the horses mouth.

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Antisec and Me

After I published my article on antisec and what antisec is, and imageshack became image(s)hack, I’ve been flooded with emails and tweets about just why antisec hacked imageshack and about my affiliations with the antisec movement. I hope this article can clear up a few things.

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So What is Anti-Sec?

After Astalavista was taken down by the “anti-sec group” many people are wondering just what anti-sec is. I hope that this article will enlighten anyone who reads it on the ideals, concepts, and fundamentals of anti-sec.

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