An Interview On The Anti-Sec Movement

I decided that a lot of the mystery behind the Anti-sec movement should be dispelled by a follower of the Anti-sec movement and so HackTalk has the inside info on the Anti-sec movement straight from the horses mouth.

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The Art Of Assembly

Call me crazy but I think learning Assembly language (ASM) is quite the beneficial accomplishment that any programmer should be happy to have under his belt. Not only are programs that are coded in Assembly smaller, they also tend to lead to faster code. Now there are a lot of misconceptions about the Assembly languageĀ  which are constantly in the forefront which keep programmers at by from the “evil” programming language known as Assembly (ASM) but HackTalk (with the help of the amazing book The Art of Assembly) are here to put them to rest.

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Well I was goofing around today and stumbled upon DamnVulnerableLinux. It seems that DamnVulnerableLinux(DVL) is based on BackTrack and is essentially BackTrack plus it has a lesson plan that allows you to learn Penetration Testing while you goof around with the system.
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