Leaving The Nest: From Windows To Linux

Well, I was talking with a friend of mine on IRC a few days back and was pretty much egging him to be an author here at HackTalk. After a while of deliberating he decided he’d write up an article but didn’t really know what to write about. He came back a few days later and said he was going to dualboot Windows and Linux and we decided he should catalogue his journey into the “secret” world of Linux-topia and thus this series was born.

A little bit of background into Vladimir, this dude is a really dedicated Windows user and so the fact that he is even trying Linux is a big step for him as it is for many first time Linux users. He decided if he wrote this article from the view point of a Windows born,taught,raised,and fed user that many other people could relate to it and be able to at least give Linux a try.

Without further adieu here is his article. (I’ll be posting the first chapter but he will be posting the rest)
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