Turn Your Old Laptop into a Powerful Linux Workhorse

“This solution (often called the server/thin client model) has several advantages. The obvious one is, of course, that you can give your old laptop a new lease of life without spending money on memory or hard disk upgrades. Moreover, since all your documents and files are stored on your desktop computer, you don’t have to worry about keeping your data on different machines in sync.

“To accomplish the magical transformation of your laptop into a powerful workhorse, you need to do two things: you have to install and configure a VNC server on your desktop computer, and set up a VNC client on your laptop. VNC is a system that allows you to control a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. And if you run the VNC client in full screen on your laptop, it’s almost impossible to tell that you are controlling a remote machine. VNC is not the fastest system of its kind, but it is very easy to configure and straightforward in use. And if you run it on your home network, it is fast enough for most tasks.”

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Turn Your Old Laptop into a Powerful Linux Workhorse

Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too Seamless Virtualization

I wish I would have known about Seamless Virtualization sooner in my “Linux Career” as I’d be the biggest fanboy for Seamless Virtualization of all lol.

The other day (maybe about a week ago) I installed Virtualbox-OSE because I was going to start modding my own knoppix distro to imitate Back|Track and DamnVulnerableLinux but have it based on the very lightweight (and yet still Debian Based) Knoppix Distro. I won’t go off into a big rant about it but I’m pretty mad that BT4 is based on Ubuntu even though I’m a faithful *buntu user.

Anyway on to Seamless Virtualization which I think is best described as having your cake and eating it too. If you’ve ever wanted (or needed) to be a Linux user but didn’t want to give up photoshop or some other application that didn’t play nicely with WINE this article is for you!

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A Flock of Browsers

Well I must say that I am impressed that I actually found something I like in an Ad. While I was checking out a link posted on an IRC channel I hang out on that led me to http://browsershots.org I noticed a little Ad near the bottom of the page, something talking about Flock Web Browser. I took a chance and I’m glad I did.
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10 Free Linux Ebooks For Beginners

Due to the major success of the “Leaving The Nest” series and being told from countless people irl that they are now Linux users I thought this post would help out the newbies and maybe even some oldtime users that overlooked a few things.

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Chapter 2: Making Yourself At Home With Linux- Pouring the Foundation

In this installment of the “Leaving The Nest” series, I start making Linux look a bit more like the familiar Windows environment that I  (and most new converts) are accustomed to.
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An Easier Solution To Setting Up iptables

Anyone who has ever set up iptables knows how much of a pain it can be doing it from CLI. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE CLI but it’s a bit daunting (especially for beginners) to set up iptables without some sort of GUI.

Enter FirewallBuilder
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Top 7 Reasons Why People Quit Windows

I always see articles bashing on Linux and decided it was time Windows had a spotlight on it highlighting all of its flaws. Here is a list of the top 7 reasons I personally have found to be the major reason why people say the hell with Windows and find their way to Linux.
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