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So as I checked my blog views today during TV production I was confronted with the most amazing thing; in a matter of an hour I had gone from a bit over 100 total views to over 600. When I looked at where the hits were coming from I almost shrieked like a schoolgirl in the 90s after getting tickets to an N’Sync concert; linuxtoday found the “Leaving the nest” series good enough to be worth mentioning! Needless to say I am going to get in contact with the webmaster and give him info as to when a fresh new addition to the series is added and hopefully we can add each other to our respective links section. More info on this potential partnership as things develop.


Leaving The Nest: From Windows To Linux

Well, I was talking with a friend of mine on IRC a few days back and was pretty much egging him to be an author here at HackTalk. After a while of deliberating he decided he’d write up an article but didn’t really know what to write about. He came back a few days later and said he was going to dualboot Windows and Linux and we decided he should catalogue his journey into the “secret” world of Linux-topia and thus this series was born.

A little bit of background into Vladimir, this dude is a really dedicated Windows user and so the fact that he is even trying Linux is a big step for him as it is for many first time Linux users. He decided if he wrote this article from the view point of a Windows born,taught,raised,and fed user that many other people could relate to it and be able to at least give Linux a try.

Without further adieu here is his article. (I’ll be posting the first chapter but he will be posting the rest)
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Well I was goofing around today and stumbled upon DamnVulnerableLinux. It seems that DamnVulnerableLinux(DVL) is based on BackTrack and is essentially BackTrack plus it has a lesson plan that allows you to learn Penetration Testing while you goof around with the system.
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So why did HP choose SuSE for its ProBooks?

After writing “ HP’s new ProBook Laptop with SuSE “ I decided to email HP and find out just why they chose SuSE as their optional OS choice and what I found out was that HP had a well planned out reason for choosing SuSE.
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Top 7 reasons people quit Linux? Guess Not…

Well as you guys will come to know I’m an avid reader of the ZDNet blog and also an avid Linux advocate so when I read a recent blogpost talking about a certain Mr.Keir Thomas bashing on Windows users for reasons that are highly trivial I had to make this blogpost to show that not all Linux users jump at the chance to pick on non *nix users..

As quoted from Andrew J. Nusca’s blogpost on ZDNet this is a summary of what Thomas wrote as the most common questions he gets in his own words:

1. Linux doesn’t run a program I use

2. I installed Linux, but some element of my hardware didn’t work

3. I tried Linux, but I had to type commands

4. I did *this*, and *this* happened. That doesn’t happen with  Windows

5. I posted a message on a forum, but Linux people were mean to me

6. I just don’t like it

7. I installed Linux and things went honey-nut-loops crazy

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HP’s new ProBook Laptop with SuSE

I feel ashamed that I missed out on this news when it first hit the wire since I am a HUGE HP fan but such is life. Apparently on April 28th HP announced its new series ProBook laptops which come in 14″, 15.6″, and 17.3″ screen sizes which are supposed to be stylish, business oriented and most importantly, lowcost.
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