Top 7 reasons people quit Linux? Guess Not…

Well as you guys will come to know I’m an avid reader of the ZDNet blog and also an avid Linux advocate so when I read a recent blogpost talking about a certain Mr.Keir Thomas bashing on Windows users for reasons that are highly trivial I had to make this blogpost to show that not all Linux users jump at the chance to pick on non *nix users..

As quoted from Andrew J. Nusca’s blogpost on ZDNet this is a summary of what Thomas wrote as the most common questions he gets in his own words:

1. Linux doesn’t run a program I use

2. I installed Linux, but some element of my hardware didn’t work

3. I tried Linux, but I had to type commands

4. I did *this*, and *this* happened. That doesn’t happen with  Windows

5. I posted a message on a forum, but Linux people were mean to me

6. I just don’t like it

7. I installed Linux and things went honey-nut-loops crazy

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